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Products Introduction

Garnet is a natural product with chemically inert, non-toxic metals and crystalline silica.With the following features in practical application
* Low Dust      The high intrinsic tenacity and a high proportion of the material itself fast the settlement rate and significantly reduce the dust emissions and dust coming from the workpiece, minimizing cleaning effort sandblasting, reducing pollution of the work area.
*Excellent Surface Quality      It can deep into the voids and uneven parts to clean, thereby completely remove rust, soluble salts and other contaminants; surface blasting process without inserts, will not adversely dimples and pits, easy access to 50-70 microns surface roughness.
*Recyclable      Its excellent tenacity and lower brittleness can lower damage rates and higher productivity. Depending on the specific application, it can be reused up to 3 times.
*Lower Production Costs       The paint’s adhesion and corrosion resistance depends on the cleanliness and surface roughness of base material. Using garnet abrasive can greatly saving the amount of paint by completely eliminate adverse spur and pits.
Improve Health and Safety It’s non-toxic characteristics can greatly reducing silicosis, leaching of metals or radioactive contamination risks.





Blasting abrasives: Derusting of steel structure, hull, Bridges;
Water jet cutting: Cutting metal, stone, glass;
Grinding media: Grinding marble, optical lens, glass, leather and other materials;

Filter medium of chemical, petroleum, pharmacy, water treatment;

Coated abrasives of grinding wheel, emery cloth, sandpaper;
Wear-resistant materials: Used in highway pavement, airport runway, prevent slippery, wear-resisting rubber paint;